Stand up Comedy


Original Characters

Perfect opening or ending shot?

Too many storytelling possibilities with this shot. You can even hear the church bells in the background.


A young woman desperately needs to make money by playing music on a Boardwalk. She had no idea about the stiff competition she'd face. While the film's running in the festival circuit, here's a teaser.

Girl in the Purple Dress

A Romantic comedy short (my first). This is one of my favorite shots of the film. 

Upside Down or vice versa?

When all you have is a hammer...everything is a nail. I'm so glad that phones allow decent quality videos these days. I was holding the camera upside down, not unhappy with the shot. #HappyAccident.

Killers Inc. (currently in Development)

Two bounty hunters from far-east join a not-so-employee-friendly corporation in the United States, to kill the most wanted criminals, and to live their big American dreams.



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