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Mayur Chauhan is an L.A based immigrant-actor-comedian-writer. He has worked in multiple films, TV shows, webseries and TV commercials. 

His online comedy show is called, "Jokes From Home With Mayur Chauhan" because that is his name. 

Mayur grew up in Delhi.

Mayur writes stories for all platforms: TV Pilots, Feature Screenplays, Literary Magazines, Short-humor& that one tweet that never went viral. His writing has published in McSweeney's and other places. 

Mayur also created an under-a-minute YouTube webseries called Connected2U! satirizing our dependency on technology and social platforms. 

Mayur also teaches content creation, short-humor writing and stand-up comedy to various age groups at Second City, Hollywood. 

Mayur's also a late-bloomer, Bollywood-lover, and self-proclaimed Best Indian chef in North America. Although his rotis are not perfectly round yet, he is confident they will be... any day now.

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