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C.A.R.E For Artists

What does C.A.R.E stand for? Compassion, Accountability, Recognition, & Encouragement 

A support and accountability group for your creative, artistic, and/or career goals & growth. A safe, kind space to share, learn, accomplish. With focus on C.A.R.E, the 4 most important elements for creating anything we’d set individual, measurable goals for the 8 weeks (and beyond). Some projects can be done in 8 weeks. Some may need more time & patience. Together, by focussing on smaller tasks and weekly goals, we will make sure we’re neither rushing nor taking too long.

In addition to making quantifiable progress on the individual projects, each cohort also receives weekly fun and actionable homework. 

An 8 week and/or on-going supportive, encouraging, & safe environment for artists.

$300 USD. Installment-friendly. Need-based assistance available. 

Sample Projects

A new cohort begins on March 5, 2023 via Zoom from 9 am to 11am PST on Sundays for 8 weeks till April 23, 2023.

Writing a TV Pilot




Short-Humor Essays

Creating TikTok videos

YouTube Channel





One-person show 

Additionally, I created the Content Creation and the Writing Short-Humor And Telling Big Jokes classes at Second City. I also teach Stand-up Comedy and I'm available for private 1:1 coaching/consulting on your creative project of any type (TV shows, Feature films, Humor writing, Stand-up Comedy, etc.) Email me for more details.

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